A Custom Painting for You.

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Made especially just for you!

First impression are very important. When a client comes to your place of business what do they see? A beautiful painting can help bring new life to your business appearance.  We offer you full painting services that we for your specific needs. You have a look and feel to your business and you need the paintings there to match.

If you are trying to decorate your home, the image should match it’s surroundings. We will be glad to design one in oil or water colors for you that ties in with your surroundings. We will be glad to design the right piece with the right colors to tie it all together.

A thought-provoking piece using formal principles of design, beauty, composition, rhythm, balance, color, and form, all contributed to a good work of art. And a piece that stirs my soul.

A great piece of art is something you just can’t take your eyes off. Something that you see that strikes your very soul. Each persons taste is so different tat what may be amazing or moving to one may not work for another. We find out your style and your taste before we start your painting.

Many good pieces of art do not have anything to do with looking ‘pretty’. Good art is not always about beauty. Guernica, by Picasso is one example. It’s a great piece of art. It’s not pretty but it is disturbing. That painting is about the message, or what the artist is trying to say. Good art will always be good. We can make a beautiful painting or an unusual one with the style and feel that appeals to you!


Spice Up Your Place With A Beautiful Painting!

Painting We work with you to to find the right type of painting for your needs.
Oil painting can be any size to your specifications.
Or any type of painting like abstract, classic or pointillism.

Always a unique painting because we created it especially for you. Your search is over, don’t search all over town for a painting.
We will use the colors that will be perfect for you.

Design Services
Water Color Good art, no matter what style, has certain elements that give rise to the piece being successful, or not. We are experts and the painting you receive with be an amazing piece.

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